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junio 2017

febrero 2017

Counting on your fingers

Autor: | 2017-02-08T22:12:10+00:00 08/02/17|Cultura, Culture, traditions and customs|

So, here is a cultural question. I’ve seen various videos on YouTube but I cannot find a consensus.

When you count on your fingers, how do you do it — and what country are you in? (I am particularly interested in how it is done in Spain.) Which finger do you start with? And what is the sequence? I know that this differs from country to country.

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agosto 2016

Ordering a pizza for delivery

Autor: | 2016-08-30T17:59:18+00:00 29/08/16|Translations, Vocabulary|

Hello again!

Well, I have searched various sites and pages on the internet and have found any number of “answers” to my question. Maybe it has to do with regional differences or maybe you just can’t trust anything you read on the internet, but each one says that the other is incorrect.

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julio 2016


Autor: | 2016-07-20T18:58:21+00:00 04/07/16|Translations, Vocabulary|

I am looking for the Spanish equivalent to this term.


The specific meaning/usage I want to refer to is the social class — the intellectual elite, as opposed to the uneducated, the followers, the masses — not simply “intelligence” as a concept.

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