Hello again!

Well, I have searched various sites and pages on the internet and have found any number of «answers» to my question. Maybe it has to do with regional differences or maybe you just can’t trust anything you read on the internet, but each one says that the other is incorrect.

Basically, I just want to know how to express the idea that I am not going to pick the pizza up at the store, on the contrary, I want my pizza to be delivered to me, when I am ordering it on the phone.

Typically, the conversation goes something like this:

Ring, ring.

Pizza place: Hello, Dominick’s pizza. How can I help you?

Me: Hello. I’d like to order a pizza for delivery, please. [This is the sentence I am looking for.] (This means, I want them to deliver the pizza to my house/office, etc. I already know that they have a/offer delivery service and I want to have them bring it to me.)

Sometimes it’s just:

Me: I’d like to order a pizza, please.

Pizza place: Will this be pick up or delivery?

Me: Delivery, please.

Pizza place: Okay, what’s your address?


Usually when ordering food on the phone, it turns out being a disaster. Based on what I found on the internet, I usually blurt out something like:

«Quiero ordenar una pizza para la entrega, por favor.»

I have seen the following listed as possibilities:


Quiero pedir una pizza


Quiero ordenar (Mex.) una pizza [this seems to be more common here where I am]


para entrega (or: para la entrega ?)

para entrega a domicilio (or: para la entrega a domicilio ?)



«para llevar». (Which I understand is supposed to be the opposite of «para recoger». That is, «for delivery» as opposed to «for pick up».)

What confuses me here is, if I am placing my order in the pizza shop and I say «para llevar» I know this means «to go»/»to take away». But now on the phone it seems to mean «for delivery» in some places, at least.

I’d be really interested in hearing how you do it and where you are.

Many thanks!