Hello once again!

So, it seems I have this obsession with directions and where things are located. (see kitty cornered)

I am looking for the correct way to express:

Las Ramblas is a north-south street. It runs north-south.

Picture this:

I was in Barcelona and Las Ramblas was the street that was my reference point. Although this is not exactly correct, I told myself that it ran north-south and thus divided the city into an eastern side and a western side. I did this with another street which ran east-west and thus the city was very easy to get around in and I never got lost. (Well, except for the myriad of winding streets and alleyways everywhere…)

Would something like this work?

Las Ramblas está orientada norte-sur. Va norte-sur.

Is there a better way?

Is this done differently in different Spanish speaking countries?