Hello all!

I cannot believe that I am asking this after all the years that I have spent studying Spanish, but here goes!

What is the difference in aspect and or meaning between the following:

1. Hace mucho que no te veo.


Hace mucho que no te he visto.

2. Hace mucho que no te escribo.


Hace mucho que no te he escrito.


Hacer + que + present tense Spanish verb (used to express an action which started in the past and continues into the present, and which equates the English ‘for’ + the present perfect)  is one of the most basic concepts/expressions and every beginner learns this. I have read hundreds of explanations and pages with the most basic examples. They all work because the structure and wording of the sentence and verb is natural.


3. Hace dos meses que estudio ruso.

I have been studying Russian for two months.


Hace mucho que no te veo.

is NOT:

I haven’t been seeing you for a long time. (This is incorrect English.) The correct way to express this is: I haven’t seen you for a long time. The fact that we have a negative in the sentence doesn’t help either!

and I’ve NEVER seen sentence (3) from above expressed with the Spanish present perfect.


Hace dos meses que he estudiado ruso.


I welcome any comments and all suggestions.