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Addressing waitstaff

Por |2018-04-27T14:28:23+02:0029/03/18|Cultura, Culture, traditions and customs, Gramática, Grammar, Tú/usted|

While surfing the internet the other day, I came across several videos on YouTube which discussed the form of address (formal vs. informal) that should be used when ordering food in a restaurant and from a food truck. (The food truck was specific to Mexico but the restaurant location was more general — it was left open as to where in the world you were located. It could have been anywhere, in my opinion.)

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Counting on your fingers

Por |2018-04-27T14:34:33+02:0008/02/17|Cultura, Culture, traditions and customs|

So, here is a cultural question. I’ve seen various videos on YouTube but I cannot find a consensus.

When you count on your fingers, how do you do it — and what country are you in? (I am particularly interested in how it is done in Spain.) Which finger do you start with? And what is the sequence? I know that this differs from country to country.

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