Well, here’s another subject that I think we can all relate to: music.

(I’m writing in English, but would love to hear your comments in Spanish too).

My idea here is not particularly to talk about what types of music we like, but how it affects us, where and when and how we listen to it.

Some people use music for fun, to relax, to console themselves, sometimes even to torture themselves – who hasn’t played «our song» over and over again after a split up? Then, there are others who’d rather play It’s raining Men at full blast after a romantic rift!

Do you like to always have music there, in the background, without paying too much attention to it? Or do you like it to be fed directly down your lugholes through the earphones? (I can’t stand earphones so I’ve never had an MP3, listened to music on my mobile or anything like that. If I’m in a public place, I just have to do without music).

Is it good enough for you if the sound is pleasing to your ear, or do you find yourself analysing the quality of the voice/instrumentals? I was recently asked if I really liked one of the most famous British groups from the 20th century. I (warily) admitted that I wasn’t that crazy about them. My interlocutor appeared to be delighted and looked at me as if I were an oracle of wisdom. He went on to explain how many other guitarists, keyboard players, and drummers were technically infinitely superior to the members of the renowned band. I had never given this any thought. I just don’t like their style very much.

And then there’s the lyrics.  How important are they to you? When I first came to Spain and witnessed how popular English and American music was amongst people who had no idea of the language, I thought they were missing the best. However, I have to admit that there are many songs that I love and have never really paid attention to their lyrics or the message they were trying to transmit. Some can actually be a disappointment when you understand how shallow the words are.

So now, over to you…what does music do for you?