Hello everyone!

I am seeking the help of Spanish speakers from all parts of the planet!

Many years ago my father, who was from Cuba, told me that one way to express the idea of something/someone being located «kitty corner» to you or your house, etc. was: esquina fraile a.

This expression, which I suppose is/was a «cubanismo», had something to do with the way the friars folded their robes — or more specifically, the part of their habits (the hoods) that covered their heads. I have searched for years without any success at finding any confirmation of this. Has anyone heard of this expression? Or know of the derivation?

Just to add a bit more of an explanation–
The only way I have learned to express this in Spanish is: diagonalmente opuesta a algo/alguien.
There are other variants for this in English including:
kitty cornered
catty- cornered, etc.

Many thanks!