Greetings to everyone!

Over the past few weeks I have seen news stories that have really bothered me.

There have been calls for limiting tourists and tourism from various cities. On the list are Venice, Italy, Paris, France and Barcelona, Spain. Personally, I find this really sad. I have been lucky enough to have made it to Paris and Barcelona but not to Venice. I must admit that I would take it pretty hard if by some newly passed law or regulation I couldn’t visit Venice.

The reasons seem to vary to a certain extent. Venice and Barcelona seem to have a problem with cruise ships. Venice, with the size of the big ships and Barcelona with the pollution which they emit, according to what I have seen quoted as reasons. Beyond that, the cities are worried about the lack of housing for their citizens and the amount of garbage that the tourists produce. Somehow these last two seem quite lame to me.

There are plenty of cities and even countries around the world that depend on tourism for their economic survival. I guess I just don’t get it. I just wonder if there isn’t something more that is being left unsaid.

I welcome any and all comments.

Many thanks.