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Counting on your fingers

Por |2018-04-27T14:34:33+02:0008/02/17|Cultura, Culture, traditions and customs|

So, here is a cultural question. I’ve seen various videos on YouTube but I cannot find a consensus.

When you count on your fingers, how do you do it — and what country are you in? (I am particularly interested in how it is done in Spain.) Which finger do you start with? And what is the sequence? I know that this differs from country to country.

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mayo 2016


Por |2016-10-18T14:28:04+02:0026/05/16|Culture, traditions and customs|

Are tattoos popular where you are?

I know they have been around forever — particularly in different cultures — but they have become wildly popular here in recent years. There was a time when only a certain sector of the population would get them — at least according to the then predominant stereotype and belief. Now, it is really in vogue across all socio-economic groups and with both men and women.

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